Brainboost - Neurofeedback Games

With the company Brainboost in cooperation and the 2D Artist Kristina Birrenbach, I makeing right know several 2D Flash games for neurofeedback therapie. Right now we are planning our next Project.

Mediation Master

The patient can choose up to 3 diffrent caracters to train his/her concentration. When the avatar beginn to float they are making progress.



The patient have to try to make the white ring big and bright. When he is good, the water got more transparent and he can see fish.

Hero Zero Splashtime

I was a member of the team that created the game "Hero Zero Splashtime". I was in charge of World Level Design, integration, animation, some effects and some 2D grafics.


The game studio that created the game is aesir Interactive. I can't upload any images here due to copy right issues, but you can download the game here.


Google Play: